Sunday, January 4, 2009

Intro this...

...and many thoughts wandering around in my oversized head, but I just don't know how to get those thoughts out of my oversized head through my fingers and onto the squishy nubs that used to sit beneath the keys on my laptop. Most of the keys are now missing so I have to use the squishy nubs instead. It started with the K-key. It was missing when I bought this laptop for cost of 25 tax free double cheeseburgers BEFORE McFuck's McDonald's went up on the cost. Can you believe that double cheeseburgers are now $1.15?! What kind of fuckery is this?? sure, McFuck's is disgusting and you should really give any restaurant selling 2 burgers (on a bun with cheese) for a dollar the side eye because surely it CAN'T be 100% beef, but it's filling when you're broke...even if it does taste like metal and give you explosive diarrhea a few minutes after consuming it.
so yea, I got this thing for 25 bucks with a broken hinge and missing K-key....otherwise, it works just fine. unless you're into appearances (which I'm not -- judging by the chocolate brown velour pants with bleach stains at the bottom that I wear FAITHFULLY every Saturday which rolls into Sunday), this was a good deal.
One day I got the urge to evict the crumbs, hair, cat fur and small village of little people (who probably survived off of the crumbs) living under the keys. after cleaning (or attempting to clean) it, I realized that you just can't snap the keys back onto a laptop the same way you do with a desktop. actually, I discovered this when I stole a K-key from an old laptop at work and tried to snap it onto my didn't work. so I suppose I rediscovered it.
all of this to say that I can't spill my random thoughts onto the squishy nubs that used to sit beneath the keys on my laptop.

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