Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama is NOT amused.

Biden better stick to his day job and leave the joke telling to Jerry Seinfeld.

I only said Jerry Seinfeld because he's one of my favorite comedians, and he totally charges like 3X as much as other comedians for show tickets.

ok so in my research to find out how much other comedians are charging for show tickets, I saw Louie Anderson on Ticketmaster. It totally freaked me out because the last time I checked, he was dead. well, as it turns out, ol' Louie is very much alive!!

My other reason for mentioning Mr. Seinfeld was so that I could include a clip of him in this post. Since starting this post, I came across a video of Ellen DeGeneres (whom I love just as much as Jerry Seinfeld) and decided to post it inside of Seinfeld...mostly because she's discussing my new obsession: Aretha Franklin's hat:

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IrvDaRealDeal said...

Yep that look is so so you!