Tuesday, January 20, 2009

to answer your questions....

Nearly everyone who has visited my blog (btw, you suckas need to leave comments and quit emailing/messaging me) has had the same damn questions about the title picture.

yes, the above picture is me.

HELL TO THE FUCK NO, I cannot send you the unedited version. I don't even wanna see the unedited version lol

I didn't black out my face. that's my hair covering it...or some dead horse's hair.

my cat took the picture.

anymore questions????

The image is kinda haunting. Every time I open this blog (especially after a few rum & cokes--don't worry, I'm joining AA tomorrow), the chick in the picture gets FATTER!! It's driving me crazy...and even though I know it's me, I still feel like she's gonna come out of the screen on some Ring shit!!

at the end of the day, it was quite arousing to have the picture taken and displayed.

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