Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes he did!

I really wanted to live blog the inauguration today, but I was forced to attend part 2 of being reinstated at school. I suppose it's a good thing because if I stayed home and made an attempt to live blog, I'd be pissy drunk and super emotional. eh...that's a regular Tuesday afternoon for me anyway.

Baltimore definitely had Obama Fever despite the woman getting on the train telling her girlfriend "I-O-WANNA SEE DAT SHIT! THEY AWREDDY CUT OFF MY STORIES!"
She was mad loud and ghetto, but I had to at least smirk at her comment because I was a little peeved over not being able to see what was going down between Krystal and Tad on All My Children. Of course, seeing a new president was more satisfying than standing around waiting for Kendall to come out of her coma.

When I left out of my house to go to my school, the inauguration was looking extremely boring. My TV screen was filled with a bunch of important people smiling and nodding at one another in a very awkward Easter Sunday church service kinda way...especially when you haven't been to church all year long and the regulars are giving you the side eye.

I thought I was gonna miss everything, but my school had it playing on every TV...really nice big screen displays and everyone stood around watching. It was so cool and I captured a picture of it on my cell phone, but I have no idea where my phone is. I think my fat ass cat is sitting on it. He gets off to the vibration whenever people call me.

Needless to say, production was slowwwwwwwwwwwed down in the school because everyone wanted to watch the inauguration. When I got there, Aretha Franklin was singing. She sounded like she had something in her mouth...possibly a double pork chop sandwich. I have NO idea what she was singing. I love Aretha though because she's not ashamed of her super huge tits that could fit a small village under them. Maybe that's where my phone is. That fucking hat was horrid and spectacular at the same time. It looked like the finishing touches on the Christmas gift you're not really sure u wanna open in front of the person who gave it to you because you KNOW the gift will suck and you won't be able to do that fake it's-the-thought-that-counts smile.

It's the mother of all A.M.E. church Sunday hats. My grandma and her church buddies are probably trying to find out how to get their hands on one.

I'll pass.

In the "Student Success" office (imagine me saying that in a super cheesy and chipper tone), we watched the inauguration coverage on a tiny ass 13 inch TV. it was real old school with the rabbit ears antenna and rotary knobs that you had to turn with some pliers when you lost the knob. remember those? my grandma still has one...and her cable is hooked up to it.

So at about 12:05, it was official. Our president is black!! The state employees (and describing these women is a whole 'nother blog post) were all thanking "jeez-zus". It was an amazing moment, experiencing history like that. I kinda felt like I was in an episode of Good Times during one of those break-through moments. Talk about goosebumps...
Obama kinda butchered the swearing in portion, but it really wasn't his fault.
Chief Justice Whatchamacallit was trying to rush that shit and have Obama recite all 35 words at one time. He also twisted some of the words around. It's okay though. If Obama's "good talking ass" ever feels bad about it, he can watch this video:

and that's just one of MANY.

I must say that I liked Obama's speech. I can't really compare it to his past speeches because, like merengue, it all sounds the same. He said that he was humbled, grateful, and mindful, but he left out nauseous with a side of gas. I refuse to believe that he didn't feel that way.

I liked how he spoke to Americans and not just us coloreds (I like to say coloreds for that raise-your-eyebrows effect...much like "you people"). I also liked how he started out saying "I thank President Bush for a service to our nation" and then followed it up with saying how fucked up shit is and how we need to fix it. He should've referred to Bush as "Piece of Shit", but I suppose that's synonymous with Bush anyway. Obama could've skipped calling him "president" though. If Obama didn't get the memo, there were 47 trillion people out there to remind him.
I swear you could hear a pin drop out there when he was speaking. It was pretty damn amazing. I remember when my grandpa was alive, he'd watch all the game shows and always root for the "black guy". We used to sit around trying to solve the Wheel of Fortune puzzles while Joe (that's what we called him...even though it wasn't remotely close to his name) was so concerned about who won. If he had to walk away from the TV, he'd find me later on and ask if the black guy won. Well Joe, the black guy won.

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