Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aretha's famous inauguration day hat

I am so in love with the Christmas gift horror that is Aretha Franklin's inaugural hat...and all it's popularity. This hat is still a topic of discussion 3 weeks later. It even has a facebook page. It's like William Hung, Chris Crocker (I still watch all of his her videos because I love a hot mess), and a shit load of other people/things that took over the universe for all of 7 minutes that we don't quite remember anymore.

Anyway, I just read that the Smithsonian wants Re-Re's hat. She says something about it being a memento and she's not sure if she wants to give it up. That's just a nice way of saying "bitch I paid over $500 for this hat that most people would sell their first born to have and you want me to DONATE it to you!?"

hot shit indeed.

I really need someone to show up to the Grammy's wearing a fluorescent orange version of this hat.

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