Monday, February 2, 2009

The Color Pink, News, & Chins

As I wait for the news to talk about how a woman's chin predicts her likelihood to cheat, I'm wondering what it will take to get Frankie to change the background color from pink to... pretty much anything but. I'm not one of these guys thats too scared to be associated with things that are pink (as a matter of fact, my guys in college would say 'it doesn't matter what color it is on the outside, its all pink in the inside).

Errrr, it gets on my nerves that the media be doing this. At the beginning of the segment they will say something that sounds so damn interesting and instead of telling you the rest of the story... you must wait. And I've been through this "booooolshit" (as Frankie would say) before! They make you wait the whole damn show, then in the last minute of the news they be like... 'oh yah, you know that reason you done stayed up all night to wait to hear about this cool ass topic, well... what had happened was... you really misunderstood (ie we said it that way to make it sound better) it really ain't all that.'

Ain't that about a bitch.

*time elapses*

Oh Gawd! I know how to tell if she a ho or not!

Reader's Challenge
See if she will cheat! I challenge you to submit a picture of your girlfriend's chin so that we can tell you her Chin Whorescope. If you don't have a gf (loser-I kid, I kid) submit a picture of a girl you got the hots for. Feel free to crop out the eyes to keep it anonymous. Or not.

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