Wednesday, February 11, 2009

complaining and commuting...

I really wish the bus that I'm taking to work could flip over on its side (without hurting anyone) so that I'd have a decent excuse for being late for work AGAIN today. I've literally been standing out here for over 40 fucking minutes waiting for a bus.

I can't even call my boss and tell her that's the reason why I'm late because I wasted that excuse yesterday. WASTED because she didn't get in until an hour after me so she wouldn't have even known I was late if I didn't leave that voicemail. Meanwhile, a vein in my head is about to pop because I need my coffee, I've watched 7 other buses that I DON'T NEED ride by, and also because I'm bothered by the overuse of the word "literally" . There was no reason for me to type it in the second sentence, but I can't erase it or my entire blog entry/text will be deleted.

Update - 8:32 AM
I am aggravated and on the verge of giving this inconsiderate, cigarette smoking bastard standing next to me the Chris Brown Special!

Update - 8:39 AM
I'm calling the fucking MTA. There has to be something wrong. There's NO way I should be standing on a fucking bus stop for this long during the morning in the middle of the week.

Update - 8:42 AM
Okay there's a water main break around the corner. I'm not sure what that means...something dealing with pipes and water. It always sounds kinda important and troublesome. It's not a good enough excuse for my boss to be concerned about my well being or give me the next 3 days off, but it'll work.

Update - 8:43 AM
The bus is FINALLY here. damn, it's only going to Taylor Avenue (not the complete bus route) and a shit load of people going further than that will be left behind and PISSED. Nevermind, it's crowded as hell.

Update - 8:44 AM
got a seat...well, half a seat because his entire fat ass and my entire fat ass can't co-exist on these 2 small seats.

Update - 8:45 AM
just great. There's a freakin child on here singing some homemade song. SHUT THE FUCK UP!! See, this is my problem with children. I'm all for free self expression, but I don't wanna hear this little girl's offbeat, random freestyle when I have to be to work in negative 15 minutes and I'm sitting on the crowded bus with my ass halfway off the seat and some OTHER kid kicking the back of my chair...and in case you forgot, I HAVEN'T HAD MY CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always say I don't like children, but it's really the parents who annoy me. SHUT YOUR KID UP!!
(I know I'm getting the side eye from the parents who read my blog)

Update - 8:48 AM
Is this dude seriously getting on this crowded ass bus with a big ass cardboard box!? SERIOUSLY????????????????

Update - 8:57 AM
it smells like cigarettes, cat piss, bergamot hair grease, hot onions, feet, Desitin ointment, and apple Now & Laters on this bus.

Update - 9:04 AM
I know this bus is crowded, but I'm really getting tired of this dude hitting me with his big ass man bag purse. Time to zone out to some Barretto before I have to smack a bitch!!

Update - 9:09 AM
add pine tree to the list of random smells.

Update - 9:27 AM
I'm here!!

oh fucking joy.

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