Thursday, February 19, 2009

complaining and commuting...

6:42AM - I really have a taste for teriyaki chicken. This is a good sign because lately, I haven't had a craving for anything other than this:

and that's only because I've seen it posted on like 8 blogs in the past week. I can't think of eating anything but that even though it's disgusting and borderline deadly. I even went to Dunkin Donuts last night in an attempt to make this grossness on my own, but they were closed.

so yes, I have a craving for teriyaki chicken and if I can get out of my house by 7:30AM, I'll be able to get some before work. God knows there's nothing decent to eat on campus. I just need to wash and dry my hair, shower, get dressed, clean the litter boxes and feed the cats so I can leave by 7:30.

7:54AM - No teriyaki chicken for me...seeing as how I'm JUST leaving out!

7:56AM - OH GREAT, a red light! How delightful as 3 buses roll by. I'm pretty sure at least 2 of those buses was the one I needed.

7:57AM - I've walked passed this paper man 70 mornings since I've moved in my apartment. If I didn't want a newspaper the first 70 times WHY, pray tell, would I want a newspaper on the 71st time?? QUIT ASKING ME!!

- I need some fucking coffee and I'm taking the first bus that comes and going it comes... 11 - Towson. I'm getting on this shit and going right to the Starbucks in Charles Village.

7:59AM - ewww this fucking bus is crowded. I'll go to the one in Mount Vernon since it's closer and it's right on the bus stop. If I was in NYC, I wouldn't have these issues getting coffee.

- Why is this woman behind me so loud? Did she just say "I can't believe it's Thursday already" ? SERIOUSLY????????? I feel like Tuesday lasted 3 days!

8:04AM - This guy has a Dunkin Donuts cup. see, that's what the fuck I wanted. OOOHHH this chick is NOT wearing taxi cab yellow pants.'s really too early in the morning to be looking at these pants. She needs to burn them...ASAP!

8:11AM - I'm getting off to get Starbucks before I die.

8:11AM - I kinda don't want coffee anymore. well, since I'm here, I may as well get coffee.

8:12AM - Am I ordering food? FOOD? Why did he ask me that? they don't even have real food here and I am NOT about to pay $1.35 for a donut. get the fuck outta here.

8:13AM - Did she just say my total for a frapp was $4? this is some boooooolshit. For such a pretty girl, she sounds like a man. I wonder if she used to be a dude. They're always the pretty ones.

- What the fuck is taking so long?? She better hope I don't miss--and there goes my bus. Of course my order is ready after my bus has pulled off. some BOOOOOOLSHIT!!

8:16 AM - My boss is gonna kill me!! I guess I'll be 15 min late which is better than 45 minutes like the rest of this week.

- hmmm Embroidered Royal Trophies...that's an odd place for that store. I wonder if I could go in there an order an Edgecombe Elementary School - Most Improved Student trophy to get over the trauma of not getting this trophy as a kid. It was supposed to be MINE!! They described me right before announcing the winner and as I stood up to accept it, they called Jacora arch nemesis. It has haunted me for 14 years!! She used to co--here comes the bus.

- I hope it's not crowded. I guess beggars can't--FUCKING ASSHOLE DRIVER ALMOST HIT ME!! WHAT THE FUCK! I think he's reading a China Wok menu. bastard.

- It annoys the hell out of me when the person sitting near the window has to get off the bus...which means I have to move my fat ass while the bus is in motion...and even though we are directly in front of the back door, this cunt ass bitch has decided to get off at the front door...meaning we have to pivot around one another.

8:27AM - Why are all these bachata songs coming up in the shuffle on my iPod? I don't even like bachata. hermanita el no te quiere quiere..tiene como veinte mujeres
y tu lo sabessssss
...yea, Romeo could get it. That video was so stupid. If I was the girl in the video, I would've left that ugly, abusive ass chump and boned Romeo on the table of that restaurant. yep.

8:30AM - I really wish this chick didn't sit next to me. She's really pretty, but her breath smells like she just got done sucking on 3 sweaty, uncircumcised dicks.

8:32AM - MAN LOOK AT ALL THOSE EMPTY SEATS! Why is she still sitting next to me!??!

- ok the way she slid her arm across my neck to ring the bell SCREAMS lesbian tendencies. maybe she likes big boobs.

8:34AM - The driver rode passed her stop. She just sighed real hard and that breath almost singed my eyebrows!!

- I just realized these pants are high waters. I mean, I knew when I put them on but I didn't realize how high. FUCK! I have a hole in my pants too. at least my fuchsia panties match my fuchsia head band and shirt. fuck it.

- Finally at my stop.

- Why is it taking 1 minute...1/60th of a goddamn hour to pull this dumb ass bus on the side of the street and let us off?!

lemme get my ass in this office before my boss notices that I'm late for the 3rd time this week!!

but first, I need to post this video of this quadruple threat. Don't ask me what the quads are because this kid does everything...and he does it WELL! Anyway, he performed it at an open mic I attended on Sunday. He's comparing the bus to a slave ship and fuck if I can't agree!! There's a bit of talking in the beginning, but it starts at 3:13.

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