Thursday, February 5, 2009

Etta James is hardcore

I officially LOVE Etta James!! I always knew she was a beast just judging by this performance:

She just looks like she could beat a bitch's ass. Check out the way she walked up to the stage. That's some Tyson shit right there.
Anyway, this audio has been making its whore rounds on the internets of Etta James dissing the hell out of "THAT WOMAN" (and that's what her official name on my blog will be) while saying that my President has big ears--all the better to hear us with!

I love how she threatens to whoop THAT WOMAN'S ass. My favorite part has to be where she says "I can't STAND Beyonce!"
I utter those words nearly every day when I'm walking past the desk of one of my fellow state employees singing Diva while smacking on chewing gum, rolling her neck and pointing her finger with those bedazzled, neon pink, 4 inch acrylic nails.

I have to agree with Etta James. THAT WOMAN has plenty of albums full of love songs that she could have sang for the Obamas. If Obama (or whomever) requested THAT song, why not get Etta James to sing it? She ain't dead. She's a hot mess who probably hit the flask before going on stage, but she's still alive and touring. COMPLETE disrespect!

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