Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Hot Ass World...

... as the temperature dips yet again in the Chicagoland area despite the proclamation from Energy Guru Al Gore that we are in fact experiencing Global Warming.

You know its funny that the same people who believe in evolution are complaining that all the wild life is in danger. I mean, if the temperature of the planet is changing, wouldn't life be expected to adapt? Life survived the Ice Age and if palm trees on Michigan Avenue is your worst fear, I'm finna equip myself with two cans of CFC loaded hair spray. I'm finna go to the junk yard and buy all the old refrigerators and cars that can ruin our atmosphere and run them like a Chinese kid working in a Nike sweatshop. Besides, I live a couple blocks away from a river and if my calculations are correct, the water level will rise right to the base of my loft-giving me riverfront property.

But enough about me.

I have begun the countdown to see how long it takes Obama to bring our troops home and if he sticks to his guns (so to speak). Meanwhile, many people in our world are devastated that Jessica Simpson has gained weight.

And she still ain't got no ass.

You can call me Antón (pronounced "on-Tone"). Politics, Celebrity Gossip, and Life. I'll be the salt to Frankie Nichelle's pepper, and like sweet-and-sour chicken we will enrich your life with flavor.

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