Friday, February 13, 2009

speaking of the shit I've been reading online today....

My co-worker came in and told me that it was Friday 13th. I thought to myself hmmm this would've been a GREAT day to release the new Jason movie. well slap me with a hard dick...IT IS coming out today! DUHHHHHH!!!!

Speaking of Friday 13th, check out this review for the movie at FishAndSpaghetti. I kinda wanna see it, but at the same time I REALLY want a prequel to this movie. I LOVE prequels even though they hardly exist. I want a full movie about Camp Crystal Lake, Maureen Prescott's whoring ways, and how Samara Morgan came to be...not just clips throughout the first movie and the 17 sequels to follow. If you're tilting your head sideways wondering who these people are, you're no fan of horror movies.

Speaking of tilting your head sideways: THIS IS SOME FUCKED UP SHIT!!!!!!!!

Speaking of fucked up shit, imagine your boss stumbling upon pictures of you dressed as a fairy princess at a party you attended on the day you called out claiming to be taking care of a sick relative. Read this and more embarrassing online mishaps here.

Speaking of the internets, I have become addicted to Questlove's addiction to twittering, but he hasn't said anything in 11 hours. Should we send the dogs out???

Speaking of addiction, this dumb bitch is crazy!! She's addicted to children AND Angelina Jolie. I'm sure there are plenty of men and bi-this-week women who are obsessed with Angelina Jolie, but they are not trying to kick out 37 babies and have their bodies stretched out like THIS!!!

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