Friday, April 24, 2009

fung what? FUNG WAH!

My new obsession is Twitter. I'm gonna get my thoughts together and blog about this new phenomenon (that I swear didn't become a phenomenon until I got involved) in the near future. In the meantime, read about Twitter here.
Anyway, one of the people I'm following is hip hop's Noreaga....mostly because he's a hot mess and we all know how I feel hot messes. Also, he's OBSESSED with twitting (or tweeting...or twatting). This dude twitted (or tweeted...or twatted) through the birth of his son a couple of weeks ago (ehem on MY birthday), including his girlfriend's contractions, his confusion about the doctor fingering her, and how he smelled like weed in the waiting area...and that's just obnoxiously cool.

Today, in the midst of his cringe worthy grammar and misspelled twitting (or tweeting...or twatting) about waking up, smoking a blunt, drinking some tiger bone, jogging, and eating vegan foods, he mentioned a bus company up north called Fung Wah.

The answer:

Apparently, Nore's DJ had to catch the Fung Wah bus from NYC to Boston.
I'll admit, it's funny to say, but I have the sense of humor of an 8 year old boy.
Noreaga liked it so much that he decided to make it into slang.
So what's the definition of fung wah??


Nore decided that we'd have Slang Fridays, although Slang Saturdays would've had a better ring to it, but really, who wants to be sitting at home twitting the new slang on a beautiful Saturday afternoon??

if you're still confused on how to use the new slang, here are some examples from Nore and his followers:

@noreaga I heard that was fung wah what happen wit the danity kane girls?

@DJJAZZYJOYCE when you find the remote and the batteries are dead and nobody want to go get new ones that fung wahhh

@I_NvesNme My boss is str8 Fung Wah for bouncin to Miami, while we stuck in the office! LoL

@noreaga When people don't answer they phone fungwahhhh!!!!

@noreaga When skinny people say they fat fung wah!!!!

and it can also be altered by saying/asking "what the fung wah!!!" (obviously, what the fuck)

got it????

I shall return on next Friday with Noreaga's slang of the day...but judging by his daily consumption of weed, I doubt he'll remember.

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