Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson is DEAD

...and so is everyone else. I haven't really felt anything for MJ since I had a death in my own circle recently. I don't care to talk about it, but I will say that Michael wasn't on my mind last weekend. I do love Michael Jackson's music. I grew up listening to it since my step dad was a mega fan. Like, dude was seriously pricing flights to the UK when he found out MJ would be there. It's really sad, but outside of my hysteria over the Universe smelling like death, it hasn't hit me yet...and it probably won't.

Seems like this world is coming to an end with all the deaths I've heard about. Sure, every day thousands of people die in this world, but I have NEVER seen people I know (one after the other) come up to me to announce a death the way they have been these past 2 weeks. There were S-E-V-E-N bereavement notices on my desk on June 19th. Even the celebrities are falling like flies. Okay some of them were ill or extremely old (hell, most people thought Ed Mcmahon died years ago), but Michael Jackson? MICHAEL FUCKING JACKSON DEAD? Are you serious? Wasn't he supposed to outlive us all? There's a Peter Pan reference in my brain somewhere, but it won't come out. A world without Michael Jackson simply isn't real life. Our King of Pop! He was SO loved "in every country in the United States" according to Papa Joe.

Anyway, we've all heard the rumors, accusations, speculations, and the details from the child custody circus that's even deserving of the side eye from Maury.

so I'll just link you to Fish and Spaghetti's Special Michael Jackson Friday Face Off!!

Let me also leave you with this AMAZING Michael Jackson karaokesque youtube video....

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DEAD @ side eye from Maury.