Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I finally have the urge to blog...actually, I was working on this 584 page blog entry about Michael Jackson's funeral but now my computers are broken!! yes, computerS!
How does one person break 2 computers in a matter of days!?! I hate writing something only to have it go down the shit tube (like my Baskin Robbins entry for FishandSpaghetti) simply because it isn't relevant anymore. By the time my computer is up and running again, it'll be old news. It already IS old news thanks to Chris Brown's half assed, rehearsed apologize to his walking forehead ex girlfriend for banging her up a little bit.

I guess if he can make himself relevant again by apologizing for something he did 6 months ago, maybe Michael Jackson's corpse will re-enact Thriller so I can continue my blog about his funeral in 6 months.


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Divaprocessor said...

Hmmmm..Don't know how to comment in this one..Thats a first for me

Anonymous said...

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