Monday, August 3, 2009

Life Call Moments: Drake

I love Life Call moments! I'm sorry. I just do!

Today's life call moment is brought to you by Drake.

He falls and busts that ass around the 32 second mark...and BONUS: He busts his ass again around the 45 second mark.


Lil Wayne then entertains the fans (who are still singing and cheering...gotta love true fans) by stroking his hair like a Valley cheerleader and telling the fans that because Drake doesn't have any health insurance it's late, they wouldn't be going to any hospitals. He then asks if one of the fans would like to play nurse for Drake. The loudest fan raising her hand to be his nurse should probably go home and work on a relaxer for that head.


IrvDaRealDeal said...

That was some funny shit, don't to much care for neither of them guys but Lil Wayne was kinda funny carrying on the act...oh love the Dark and Lovely ad, lol

NightFall914 said... still use this blog??

I attempted to add you on AIM

Frankie Nichelle said...

I'd like to still use this blog, but my pimp Jay1 doesn't let me.

AIM: SpittrsNvrProspr