Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Chan, FUCK YO COUCH!!

Today I was venting to Sir Bloggington about my no-good-very-bad week when I thought "hmmm maybe I should be blogging this stuff". In preparing this entry, I came across one of my old blogs from years ago. I'll include that classic Frankie Nichelle entry to better help you understand why I'm so pissed off right now.

One of my annoyances today was that my co-workers decided to order Chinese food for lunch. I'm always down for Chinese food. We normally order from a place called China Wok.
It's the ONLY place we order from. Whenever these other Chinese restaurants have their delivery men bring fliers to our building, we make sure the menus are shredded before anyone even considers ordering from there.
Today I gave my money to my co-worker to place the order. About 20 minutes later, I was told that there was a gas line issue at our regular Chinese restaurant so they ordered from somewhere else. The history behind ordering ONLY from our regular spot goes back to the afternoon of September 10, 2007. Here is that blog entry....

Flies: The New Diet.

ok so this morning a dude came delivering menus for the new Chinese restaurant called Chan's. This gave me a craving for Chinese food, and we all decided to order from Chan's. WELL, I ordered general tso's chicken with fried rice. We were all sitting there eating our food when I looked down and saw a COOKED FLY IN MY FOOD!
My co-worker told me it was just a piece of burnt rice and I almost continued eating until another co-worker was in disbelief and wanted to inspect the "burnt rice".
When she moved it around, we saw the wings and legs...*GAG*

It was sooooo GROSS!!! I called them back and asked for my money.
Here's the conversation:
restaurant lady: herro, chan restrut?
me: umm hi, I just had food delivered to me and there was a fly in it. I need a refund.
lady: ordah?
me: yes, I ordered food and there was a fly in it.
lady: fry?
me: yea a FLY...A BUG IN MY FOOD!
lady: what u ordah?
me: I ordered general t-s-o's chicken or however u say it. L-9 on the lunch special.
lady: ahh genro so chk-in. thas what u ordah
me: yes and there was a fly in it.
lady: a fry?
me: yes a fly...A BUG!!
lady: but thas u ordah.
me: yea I ordered the food, but I didn't order the fly in it.
lady: but thas how sauce come
me: I want a refund. there was a dead bug in my food so send the delivery guy back with my money.
lady: ok was u address?
me: 1700 XXXX XXXX Lane.
lady: ok I send him back latah
me: Okay, bye.

So yea he came back and wanted to see the fly. I was too pissed off to deal with him so my co-worker explained the situation. He had the nerve to say the fly was in my food because it was his first time delivering to us. UMMMM OKAY, is that the special introductory meal or something!?
He owed me $5.20. The idiot pulled out a $5 bill and then asked ME if i had 20 cents. DUMB ASS! Needless to say, we won't be ordering from Chan's anymore.

Does anyone want to guess where my co-worker ordered lunch for us from today?? yep CHAN'S!!! I asked her to call and cancel my order and she gave me this puzzled look like it was impossible to now there is chicken and broccoli sitting in the trash can next to my desk.


NightFall914 said...

"special introductory meal"


khaki said...

Dead... Please tell me this wasnt chans in highlandtown?!?!?! I died.

Frankie Nichelle said...

I think it's on Sherwood Road

Ms. Nikks said...

LMAO! Wow, I'd be livid! "That's how sauce come!" Hahaha hahaha. I shouldn't be laughing at your misery, but that was a very funny story.

Frankie Nichelle said...

lol it's okay to laugh

E's said...

That's some funny shit! And you had them bring back your 5 bucks... It was probably just some burnt rice tho. I see them in my Chinese all the time.

Frankie Nichelle said...

NASTY ASS! you been eating cooked flies all this time SMH! that shit had wings and legs!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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