Sunday, November 8, 2009

Five Things: Turn ONs

People always assume they know my "type". These same people can never answer me when I ask them what they believe my "type" is. My mom swears up and down she knows what type of guys I go for. She always seems most impressed with the guys I choose over the guys my sisters choose. I guess she thinks I have higher standards than them. I've been attracted to tall, short, bad boys, choir boys, the 39 yr old, the 20 yr old, 300 pounds, 167 pounds with bricks in his pants pocket, white, black, Spanish, Middle Eastern, bald, dreads, braids, fathers, atheists, catholics, educated, high school dr... umm a colorful group of men, but I won't list them all for fear of sounding like a whore. I try not to limit myself too much. Can women REALLY afford to be choosey when the pickings are SO slim? It's almost impossible to find a respectful partner who is willing to treat you right these days. Most of the time, I'm like "well, at least he can read".
I'm kidding LOL
I usually *TRY* not to list things that turn me off. I think it's sometimes unfair to potential dates. That's just me though.

So a couple of weeks ago, I did one of those Living Social Pick Five thingys on Facebook. I'm so addicted to those freakin things! This one asked what my turn ONs about the opposite sex were. I'll list my five turn ons...but none of that physical/personality stuff.

1. Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are CLASSIC!!! They never EVER go out of style like the rest. If Chuck Norris was a pair of shades, he'd be aviators.

A man in aviator sunglasses is masculine, cool, and just plain sexy! I even have a Tumblelog dedicated to my love for aviator sunglasses.

I dare ANYONE to tell me Erik Estrada wasn't sexy as hell in CHiPs with those aviators and I'll call you a fucking liar!

2. Chrome by Azzaro

I love men's cologne. Nothing screams I AM A MAN more than the intoxicating scent of men's cologne. It just does something to me.
One day I was walking around the Harbor with a friend. This guy passed us, and he smelled like....HEAVEN. We kinda stood there in shock, taking in his scent while trying to figure out what he was wearing. Finally, we got the bright idea to ask him, but of course, he had already walked away. Me and my friend ran from point A on this map to point B trying to catch up with the heaven scented man.

We finally caught up to him and out of breath we said "ehhhh skk yewssss us *EXHALE* what cologne are you wearing?!" He turned around (sporting aviator shades) and said, in a thick accent, "Chrome, Azzaro Chrome". We rushed to the nearest perfumery to get samples of the cologne. I slept with my sample that night and vowed that I'd rip my panties off for any man wearing Chrome.

3. Pea coats

I love a man in a pea coat. It just screams class. I don't think I've ever seen a man look bad in a pea coat. Again, this is classic and never really goes out of style. They come in different styles and colors. I don't have a preference *cough* grey, just as long as it fits properly i.e. don't be 6'1" wearing a smedium. I always knew I liked men in pea coats, but I didn't realize how much until I walked into Shoe City yesterday and got wet just looking at the mannequin wearing a peacoat. Yes, it's THAT serious.

4.Old Man Hats/Flat Caps

Be still, my beating heart *sigh*
Men in old man hats are just SMOOTH! It's almost like the hat has magical powers that instantly makes you exude smoothness. I never really referred to them as old man hats. I called them Uncle Jerry hats. My uncle Jerry ALWAYS wore these hats. I was shocked he wasn't buried in one. Some day I'm gonna have one bronzed and put on his grave. Some people call them kangol hats. Samuel L. Jackson wears these hats and we all know he's the epitome of smooth.

5. Tattoos

Nothing says no fear of commitment like a tattoo! no, I'm kidding. Tattoos are one of my favorite forms of self expression. I'm not saying Lil Wayne-esque tattoos on your forehead or THUG LIFE in old english letters across your stomach. Some tattoos are just in poor taste.

I'm not saying these things are REQUIRED, but they boost a man's chances of getting my attention.........


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Frankie Nichelle said...

LMAO! we know what turns you on....BACONNNNNNN!! still salty about not having Estrada shades? waahhh!

NightFall914 said...

Ok this list has me dying!
This is so, so You!

khaki said...

*dead*... i love your list and I swear if I didnt have a child I would get that lightswitch plate. LOL

Frankie Nichelle said...

@NightFall - indeed :)

@khaki - I'm def finding that light switch plate. it'll go nicely with the literotica on my coffee table lmao

E's said...

That's where Uncle Jerry hat comes from? LOL! I thought I was behind the times on the new slang terms...

Frankie Nichelle said...

@E's - haha I'm the worst with slang so no worries.

Djwhizkid said...

Your funny. I have a pic with me in some aviators ;)

Frankie Nichelle said...

well let's see 'em!!

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