Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lifecall Moments: JHo

(Thanks Sir Bloggington)

This gives me GREAT pleasure =)

Today someone posted on Twitter that the Black Widow was performing on the AMA's. I turned to it to see her performing in what only could be described as the shorts version of MOM PANTS (shout to Adam).

I'll bypass my criticism of her being (and looking like) a 40 year old mother of two singing a song about shoes (really, shoes though??) while sounding like me on karaoke night after three shots of Patron and four jubilee martinis. Let's watch her Lifecall moment!!


E's said...

Professional though. She jumped back up and performed. She is about 40 now, I think...she's dress appropriate. LOL

Frankie Nichelle said...

hey hey HEY! I will NOT tolerate JHo support in here!! >:O
nahhh I was mad she got up so quickly...and then the conspiracy theorist in me reared it's ugly head. When Beyonce fell during one of her shows, it only made her more popular. Maybe JHo plotted this for publicity and that's why it didn't seem so embarrassing.

Antón said...

Mami se caello en el piso!

The video was removed. Booo! Seen it live, so Im good!

Thanks for the shout out!