Monday, December 7, 2009

And the Mother of the Year Award Goes to....

A couple of notes to keep in mind:

- To save money, instead of buying expensive ($10-$14) cocktails, I usually put rum inside of a water bottle and make my own drinks when I go out.

- I keep bottled water in my fridge for my cats.

The other day while I was packing my stuff in a rush to go to NYC, I poured some rum into a water bottle to take with me. I planned on going to SOBs where the drinks are overpriced (based on my Maryland pay check). In my rush, I left the rum (inside of the water bottle) on the counter. I didn't think anything of it because I never made it to the club, and I was surrounded by alcohol during my stay in NYC anyway. I got back home (3 days later) and tidied up my apartment...which included putting the "water" in the fridge.

Fast forward a couple of days, I was on my hands and knees cleaning up cat vomit from my carpet. I just figured one of them got sick from eating paper. Nena (the girl cat) eats paper when I don't feed her when she wants to be fed. Fuckin savage!
Anyway, the cats were laid up. Normally they follow me around the house. When I shower, they watch. When I sleep, they sniff me. When I sit down to tinkle, they sit on my lap. They were in serious chill mode though.

I didn't think anything of their behavior until I went to make myself a Cuba Libre. I grabbed the bottle of rum and it was empty. EMPTY!? Then everything started coming back to me in those flashbacks they show on soap operas or in a suspense movie when the mystery is about to be solved.

I gave my poor babies RUM instead of water!! At first I felt sorry for them until I realized they licked the bowl dry. The vomit and lounging around...SIGNS OF A HANGOVER! No need to call PETA. My mom has them on speed dial.


khaki said...

LMAO- dude, you gave your cats alcohol poisioning! *dead*

You know you gotta rub their bellies or give em fresh salmon or something???

Goddess Intellect said...

I know I'm wrong for laughing but I cant help it & them pictures dont help neither!!!
I hope the kitties are ok!!

Antón said...


I need to do that to my bird, he be getting on my nerves. He only wants to talk when the TVs on or Im on the phone.

E's said...

SMH... Shame, but funny. LOL

I gotta remember that water bottle trick - smart, and cheap, but smart. Still SMH.

Nik said...

Lmao, haven't laughed this hard all day. Poor little things. Wow, those pics you chose makes it even funnier.

Frankie Nichelle said...

@khaki - they enjoyed the alcohol...shit I wanted it for myself.

@Goddess - they're ok...just side eyeing me every time I give them water and not liquor now!

@A - OMG my cats are like your bird! they wanna howl and meow in my face when I'm having phone sex SMH

@Shannon - yep, it's the recession special!

@Nik - can't fail with LOLcat pics lol