Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lifecall Moments: Lady Gaga

Brought to you by Lady Gaga...

TWO IN ONE!! She wasn't even smooth with it! Beyonce and JHo could teach her a thing or two. Still love her!


Antón said...

Wow... a whole montage of bloopers of my gf. Thats ok though, she can fall on my cock any day.

Nik said...

Lmao, I still love Gaga!

@ Anton, wow lol.

Antón said...

She knows I'm passionately in love with Gaga. I'm meeting her Jan 8th. Still workout out our entire conversation.

Gaga: nice shirt!
me: thanks, I was inspired by you.
Gaga: oh thats so sweet, we should make out.
me: cool.

*make out session*

[content to be developed]

E's said...

You luv busting ppl out on these slips, huh? You better be careful this winter. LOL - karma's ah mf.

Frankie Nichelle said...

LMAO@ A! I hope it goes well! get pics!

@Shannon - I encourage people around me to take pics/record my falls. I don't even need snow/ice. I bust my ass regularly. fucked up balance haha