Thursday, January 14, 2010

Five Things: Clothing Confessions

1. I don't own a dresser unless you count the trash bag of unfolded laundry in my living room floor.

2. I always blamed my mom for my tomboy behavior growing up because she bought me and my sister matching outfits, but hers was pink and mine was blue. When you're a kid, pink means girl and blue means boy.

3. The article of clothing that makes me feel sexiest is (and will always be) my faja. If I can breathe, I don't feel sexy.

4. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a tank top, but I do wear those shirts with the reallllly short sleeves that almost look like tank tops.

5. I own really sexy panties...lace, sheer, animal prints, ruffles...all that good stuff, but the only time I wear them is near laundry day as a last resort. I live for big giant colorful cotton granny panties that cost less than a dollar per pair.

What's your dirty little clothing secret?


NightFall914 said...

LMAO @ 4 & 5!!!

Hmmm I guess that Batman info I told u would be my

Oh no I have another....I think I'll blog it.

E's said...

That last one was a TMI comment. Granny panties? But I guess it's a confession...

Mine? I wear multiple times before washing sometimes. I've febreezed some stuff that stunk before. LOL

khaki said...

hmmm... i with you on #5. I like them big joints. theyre so comfy LOL

sidebar: ^ @E's... whats up with the hamper gear? Jeans all soft. LOL

Frankie Nichelle said...

@nightfall - HAAAAAAA! *mental image*

@Shannon - granny panties are the SHIT! yo nasty febreezin ass! SMH!!

@khaki - *DEAD* @ "jeans all soft"

Nik said...

*GIGGLE* Wow! Get some boy cut undies, those are comfy and don't look as bad as granny panties. Lmao. Lol Lol. Loved it!

@ E's wow, wow febreeze?