Thursday, January 7, 2010

Project 365: Week 1.

I didn't make any resolutions for the new year....or at least none that I've admitted out loud. I did, however, decide (after having my arm twisted) to participate in this project 365 stuff. I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy taking pictures. Honestly, when I hold a camera, I don't even aim. I just shoot and whatever image is captured is the imagine that's meant to be captured. I only wish I had a better camera.

My friend's dog (.......yea) got my attention on New Year's day when he uploaded (ha!) his first project 365 photo.

It's fun. It's random. It's something to look forward to doing every day until December 31st...or when I get bored with it (probably mid March).

To keep my interest (and make it challenging because it's wayyy too easy), I decided to make my project themed. The whole month of January is completely random to start off with, but I *think* I'm gonna give each month a one month I'll take pics related to used condoms and the next month I'll do beverages or something. I'm still debating on whether I should try to change the subject once a week or once a month. I think having 12 different subjects is too easy but 52 different subjects might be difficult. We'll see what happens. I have like 2 weeks to decide.

I only planned on sharing these photos on Facebook, but then I stole another blogger's idea to display the pics weekly so I'll try to share my 7 pics every Friday morning. It'll be like a Christmas surprise! YAYYYY! Anyway, I'm posting the first 7 a day early:

#1: 1/1/10 - This was taken after my New Year's eve champagne toast...technically it was after midnight so I used it. Sobriety FAIL!

#2: 1/2/10 - Diet FAIL! Happiness WIN!! I found this gift from God at 7-Eleven when me and my sis went on a junk food run. First week into the new year and I can say (without a doubt) that it's still the highlight of my year so far.


#3: 1/3/10 - It's safe to say that my mom reps Brooklyn hard! I took this pic in her house.

#4: 1/4/10 - I had lunch with my bfff. I saw him doodling on a post it note from the side of my eye. I didn't think anything of it til he left and I found this gem LOL

#5: 1/5/10 - I haven't changed the calendar in my office since I left for my staycation.

#6: 1/6/10 - I was leaving a blog comment and "prenut" was the chosen word verification. This amuses the pre-pubescent boy living inside of me.

#7: 1/7/10 - I took this dreaded mirror shot for a blog entry I was planning to do about sin....not that anyone is noticing the rosary on my neck =)

(the size restrictions on my dumb ass layout are beginning to annoy me)


NightFall914 said...

LOL @ Used Condoms & Prenut.

I think I'ma do mine at the mid way point of the month or not I don't know. lol

Congrats on week 1.

☆Reese said...

Ok so I totally didn't see what you'd written because that Snickers pic distracted me for so long. "FEED ME SEYMOUR!" I want one.
And I'm doing this damn project, my Nikon's getting dusty.

As a side note of sorts:
Prenut. *giggles* and AWESOME boobage!

JaG said...

prenut lmao gett'em TIGER... sike... Its a sin for me to be looking at those... lol

Goddess Intellect said...

The BUTT pic --> Classic
whose butt was your bff referring to?? hmmmmm

Frankie Nichelle said...

@JJ - thanks! you better post yours!

@Reese - girlllllll it took EVERYTHING in me not to get that ice cream sandwich this morning when I walked past 7-Eleven! thanks for the boobage comment!

@JaG - do 7 hail marys!

@Goddess - my bff is just a random, odd character