Monday, March 15, 2010

Project 365: Month 3, Week 1.

#60: 3/1/10 - I got this magazine in the mail o_O

#61: 3/2/10 - 4th floor bathroom at work where I sleep after lunch

#62: 3/3/10 -mmmm honey mustard wings

#63: 3/4/10 - mmm pizzaaaa

#64: 3/5/10 - Happy Bday!!

#65: 3/6/10 - My cat is giving birth!

#66: 3/7/10 - awww kitty died


Goddess Intellect said...

oh yea...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Goddess Intellect said...

*GASP* @ kitty died!!!!!

☆Reese said...

Pizza mmmmmmm

Shalom Kitty...Shalom.

I have no idea if that's the right sentiment but whatev.

ALso..why are you BLOWIN on cam? hahaha

Reggie said...

That pizza looks delicious.

I work with a woman who goes to a local wing place for lunch two or three times a week. When she eats the garlic wings and then belches, her breath smells like bologna.