Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's the deal with.....


Blackberry owners annoy me terribly for MANY reasons, but the biggest reason is that they NEVER refer to their phone as a PHONE! You never hear someone who has a blackberry say, "damn, I lost my phone." It's always, "damn, I lost my blackberry." It's a goddamn PHONE so start calling it a PHONE! They defend this by saying *in a snotty blackberry owner's voice* "a blackberry is not a phone". Can you make/receive phone calls on it? Yea, IT'S A PHONE!! Some dude attached his business card to something he sent in my office. It said:

Brian Panagopoulos
123 Sesame Street
New York, NY 10023

Home: 718-555-6969
Office: 718-555-3312
Blackberry: 646-555-0123

Wait, WHAT?? BLACKBERRY? I swear if he was standing in front of my face, I woulda gave his simple ass a paper cut with that damn business card!! GET OUTTA MY FACE!!!

(say somethin' NightFall! I DARE YOU!)

...AUTOMATIC DOORS?! They ALL have this stupid sign:

I'm a pretty fast walker, but even if I was going at a non-New Yorker's speed, it would still be too fast. You actually need to STOP (not keep moving) and allow the ALWAYS delayed doors to open before exiting. Am I the only one who's ever noticed this? Can we sign a petition and send it to Horton Automatics?


I've seen Reebok Classic's in sneaker stores. They're always bringing back Nike's from the 90s like Airmax, so why can't LA Gear's make a return?! I swear if I found an old pair in my size (I've looked lol), I would totally wear them!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lil Elian Grew Up!

Remember Elian Gonzalez??

Well, he grew the hell up! He's 16 years old now! Damn, time flies and I'm feeling old as hell!! In two years, ima take a trip to Cuba. OWWWW!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cranky Frankie: Tell 'Em Why You Mad, Son!

I feel like I'm being punished for eating anything that isn't a salad with a glass of water on the side....and I'm not talking about the punishment of getting on the scale every morning and not being happy with the results due to my eating habits. I'm talking about the ITIS!!!!! I just don't understand why it exists and why there's no cure for it. Sometimes I avoid food when I know I can't marinate in the itis. Sometimes I'm so hungry that I'm thinking to myself "ok I have a lot of energy right now. I got some good sleep last night. The sun is shining. I can eat this chicken bacon ranch sub from Subway be and okay. I can beat the itis today"

....then BAM, I get slapped in the face by a food coma.

The other day, it was so bad that I was googling cures for the itis. The internet has everything else from whether or not a lady bug can kill you to the movie script from Mannequin so maybe they'd have a cure. I stumbled upon THIS website and thought "WOW there's REALLY a cure to my suffering!" I was seriously about to go out and buy some aspirin and Robitussin!
Unforunately, there was a little note at the bottom that said: This article is satire, brought to you by the creative minds at The Peoples News. It’s not real, but we hope it made you think.
No, you didn't make me think. You further pissed me off. What if I OD'd on that shit?!

Project 365: Month 3, Week 3.

#74: 3/15/10 - aka DOG FOOD!!

#75: 3/16/10 - aka DOG FOOD!! (not changing the caption from the last pic after copy/paste)

#76: 3/17/10 - corned beef for St. Patty's day

#77: 3/18/10 - yo mama

#78: 3/19/10 - My little cousin. I don't feel comfortable putting her pic on here so a Hanukkah ball is covering her face

#79: 3/20/10 - chicken something or other pizza at the Bread Factory in NYC. So many memories at this place!

#80: 3/21/10 - only in the Bronx...a gun baby ring