Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's the deal with.....


Blackberry owners annoy me terribly for MANY reasons, but the biggest reason is that they NEVER refer to their phone as a PHONE! You never hear someone who has a blackberry say, "damn, I lost my phone." It's always, "damn, I lost my blackberry." It's a goddamn PHONE so start calling it a PHONE! They defend this by saying *in a snotty blackberry owner's voice* "a blackberry is not a phone". Can you make/receive phone calls on it? Yea, IT'S A PHONE!! Some dude attached his business card to something he sent in my office. It said:

Brian Panagopoulos
123 Sesame Street
New York, NY 10023

Home: 718-555-6969
Office: 718-555-3312
Blackberry: 646-555-0123

Wait, WHAT?? BLACKBERRY? I swear if he was standing in front of my face, I woulda gave his simple ass a paper cut with that damn business card!! GET OUTTA MY FACE!!!

(say somethin' NightFall! I DARE YOU!)

...AUTOMATIC DOORS?! They ALL have this stupid sign:

I'm a pretty fast walker, but even if I was going at a non-New Yorker's speed, it would still be too fast. You actually need to STOP (not keep moving) and allow the ALWAYS delayed doors to open before exiting. Am I the only one who's ever noticed this? Can we sign a petition and send it to Horton Automatics?


I've seen Reebok Classic's in sneaker stores. They're always bringing back Nike's from the 90s like Airmax, so why can't LA Gear's make a return?! I swear if I found an old pair in my size (I've looked lol), I would totally wear them!


☆Reese said...

*fist pump* you know I'm with you all the way on EVERYTHING! LA Gears, fuck the world yessssss. Automatic doors piss me off, and come to think of it, so do revolving doors.

I hate to admit that I owned a damn bb for about 2 months last year. Pfft, couldn't type on it (fat fingers, long nails) and I HATED bbm! I hate the ignant ass way ppl talk about those things, ok you have a blackberry, you want a blow job? I was sooooo happy earlier on twitter when I saw all the "my bbm doesn't work, omg my web is so app drains my battery"...bwahahahahaha iAndroid!

dude...SA.TU.R.DAY!!!! woooooooo
Did I mention that the present I really want you to have is out of stock still? :(

Ok I'm done. But I might be back. <3

Gorillamonk said...

you didn't lurk hard enough, I found the relaunch site for LA Gears. a blackberry snob, I feel that I have to carry the verbal middle finger at all times. They weren't originally fashionable, but they were never called a phone. And still they are referred to as MORE than just a phone. It's closer to a PDA with calling features. All the email/txt/twitter I do on the phone takes up more time than actual talk time.

E's said...

I'm not the only one who thinks of weird shit like this...I bet you could sue Horton Automatics if you ran into the door hard enough to hurt yourself - pick up some insurance money...

khaki la'docker said...

so right on the blackberry snobs. It is quite annoying... i had one and it didnt do anything for me.

... and you KNOW im down with LA gears

Goddess Intellect said...

oh you called out Nightfall hahahaha!!!
Oh gawd I cant even be a blackberry snob if I wanted to - I got a Pearl smh