Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh GOD I haven't blogged in AGES! Surely there have been plenty of opportunities to blog. Seriously, I'm on the internet about 15 hours a day. I've definitely had MANY things to blog my Mexican birthday celebration in NYC where I did shots with Reese and NightFall and woke up the next morning face-down in a plate of pancakes at some diner. Hey, at least I didn't wake up face-down in my own vomit in a stranger's bed.....again.

I could blog about how being in a relationship is the biggest cock blocker. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T HAVE AN AFFAIR?! Yes, I am in a relationship. I'm sorry I didn't send out memos on rose pink pearlescent metallic cardstock announcing my relationship to the world, but I'm having a hard time believing it myself. Aside from falling into the toilet when I take my 3am piss (he never puts the seat down), things are going well.

Another missed blog opportunity was the time I hung out with blogger extraordinaire Shannon Cason. Follow his blog and if you don't LOL at least once, I'll make you a tuna sandwich. I wish we had more time to hang. It was one of those random "oh hey you're in Manhattan? well, so am I! Let's go grab a drink!" kinda things. If I wasn't working on 3 hours of sleep while carrying around a big ass duffle bag, we woulda been on fire in the city. We MUST hang again! We didn't even get a picture together!

So that's been my deal for the past couple of months.


NightFall914 said...

OOooooooh relationship? Thats why you're so quiet now. ;)

Gorillamonk said...

wow...all three of the people that you name dropped have decent blogs with decent amounts of updates.

well, at LEAST you wrote something.

btw, it's not an affair. Go ahead, knock one out.

Frankie said...

@Nightfall o_O
excuseeee me, but even though I was drunk off my ass for my birthday, I do remember that relationship detail coming up once or twice haha
I'm never quiet! Just lazy lol

@Gorillamonk all 3 people have GREAT blogs! I promise to blog more!!
Define "not an affair"? lol

khaki la'docker said...

Frankie got a boyfriend... ooohhhh... and why wasnt I invited to this shingdig in NY???!?!? Is it my pottymouth? my capability to turn into the hulk and start joking on wigs and lacefronts?!?!?
I know what it is... youre embarrased by my Gears...

hmmpf- happy you blogged again though. It has been ages.

Frankie said...

haha we all happened to be in NYC at the same time. Next time we'll take a road trip there.
LMAOOOOO@ the hulk!! now i need to hear that audio again!

NightFall914 said...

LOL you always drunk :P I remember you know I gotta mess with ya.

Gorillamonk said...

damn frankie, your drunken nights are almost starting to sound like mine.

E's said...

LOL! I was trying to get you drunk, crazy, and disorderly time:) And I'm taking pics. LOL!

But that night I ran into a pretty good rap battle and some young "party" girls dancing and stripping on the red steps, so it was interesting:)

Frankie said...

I wanted to let loose, but I was tired, hungry & knew I had to get up at like 8am to go to Jersey lol